The Best Bathroom Renovation Trends

With the amount of time we spend in our homes, we want it to feel as warm, cozy, and inviting as possible.

But areas of the home that often go overlooked are the bathrooms and powder rooms. With so many beautiful modern bathroom ideas, you can make these areas just as beautiful as your kitchen or living space!

Read on to explore the best bathroom renovation trends. From recessed wall storage to wood treatments, you’re sure to get the inspiration you need to make the ultimate transformation.

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Recessed Wall Storage

Towels, toiletries, bathing products, hair styling tools, skincare products, and more — it’s no secret that we put many things in our powder rooms; bathrooms aren’t all bathtubs and showers. But where can it all go if you have only a few drawers for it all?

We can all use a little more storage. By installing inset shelves or recessed wall storage, you can add a lot of storage without taking up extra space. And with the average bathroom size coming in under 40 square feet, using space wisely is essential to keeping things tidy.

If you want recessed or inset wall storage installed in your home, an Owens Corning preferred contractor from our team can help you create beautiful storage for your master bathroom or powder room.

Floating Vanities

If your powder rooms feel small, you want to create space in any way that you can. Consider adding a floating vanity!

This structure is much more space-efficient than the average sink, which is generally 36 to 48 inches wide. It is much more compact, frees up room for easier movement, and gives you storage underneath. Plus, it looks amazing with modern decor!

As fancy as floating vanities look, we know you might be worried about the cost. Luckily, Homeowner Funding makes it easy to afford all of your renovations through our bathroom remodel financing. Call us today to talk about your options and get started on your project!

Patina Metals

Changing one small thing in your bathroom can change everything. One thing that is super easy to do but will make the biggest difference is the hardware in your modern bathroom!

Is your hardware simply taking care of the plumbing, or is it making a trendy statement? By swapping out your current hardware for Patina metals, you can turn an outdated room into a trendy bathroom remodel.

Patina metals, which look like metals you’d find in a classically fashioned home, bring a touch of the traditional to your modern bathroom. So if you have a bit of nostalgia and appreciate classic beauty, you’ll love making the switch to these stunning metals.

Soaking Tubs

Your master bathroom shouldn’t just be where you go in to get out as fast as possible. It should be your safe haven!

If you love to pamper yourself, you will love having soaking tubs in your home. Soaking tubs are one of the coolest trends for a bathroom as it brings sophistication to your space.

Soaking tubs, also known as freestanding tubs, have a variety of styles to fit your taste. Whether you select clawfoot tubs or more contemporary soaking tubs, you will love relaxing in your bathroom remodel with this piece.

Wood Treatments

For some, it’s hard to make powder rooms feel homey. And with so much porcelain, metals, and plumbing, it may not feel like a place you’d want to stay. But that can all change with just a simple addition of wood!

By installing wood in your powder rooms, you can extend the cozy feelings from the living room to the powder rooms. While not always found in powder rooms, you can add wood to your walls or even decor. Whether you use true wood or a paint that looks like wood, it’ll add much-needed warmth to your bathroom.

Get Funding for Your Modern Bathroom Renovation

We’ve presented quite a few renovation options that will help you transform your home. While you’re not going to use all of them, it’s important to choose the ones that best suit your style. Nonetheless, guests and family members alike will appreciate the much-needed upgrade.Best of all, you can get all these trends and more for your home with our financing services. Homeowner Funding provides bathroom finance with bad credit options and superior customer service. We know you’ll love your new, modern bathroom! Call us today to discuss your options.

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