Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

When fall approaches and the weather begins to change, there are several things homeowners need to address for safety and to ensure homes stay comfortable. The main concern is removing or handling things that could pose a risk to the home or the occupants inside. 

Remember that keeping up with regular seasonal maintenance is essential for anyone who owns a home, and now is the time to take action. If all this seems too overwhelming, Homeowner Funding is here to help. As an NRIA-authored contractor, nothing is more important to us than making sure you and your loved ones are happy and comfortable during the cold winter months. Check out this fall home maintenance checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything important and that your home is ready to withstand the weather.

Get Your Chimney Cleaned

Paying close attention to your chimney is an essential task. If you have a functioning chimney and use it during the cooler months, you’ll want to make sure you give it the routine attention and maintenance it needs. Whether you plan to use it once or several times, it’s critical not to forget these procedures.

You first want to inspect the mechanisms, especially if you have a gas-fueled chimney. Make sure everything is in working order and that there are no leaks or faulty parts. If you have a wood-burning chimney, the most critical task is getting your chimney cleaned. Find and call a chimney cleaner to clear away buildup. Ensure the flu and other parts are structurally sound and in good working order before starting any fires. 

Inspect the Garage Door

Believe it or not, the garage is one of the main culprits for allowing heat to escape from the home. You likely open your door to go outside, and ideally, the garage temperature will be much warmer than outside temperatures. However, if your garage door has leaks and gaps, the heat escapes. 

Before the weather gets cold, check the seal on the garage door and make any necessary repairs. Additionally, if the door doesn’t close all the way or won’t open at all, you should have the repairs done before cold weather or snow sets in so you can park your car in the garage and avoid having to scrape ice and snow daily. This action will also help keep your energy costs down during fall and into winter. 

Check Window and Door Insulation

Gaps and cracks in window and door seals are another cause of higher energy costs in the cold weather months. Before the weather cools down, you’ll want to check for these issues and make the necessary repairs or replacements. If you have cracked windows or doors, this is an especially important task for your fall checklist. Some areas to inspect include the following. 

  • Seals
  • Frames
  • Locks
  • Tracks

If you have old windows that are thinning at the top, now is the time to replace them with modern windows that can increase your home’s value and keep your energy costs to a minimum. Consider getting window funding to cover the costs. 

Routine Maintenance for Your Heating System

Having your heating system inspected and serviced before using it for the upcoming fall is crucial. As mentioned previously, safety is a top concern. When heaters don’t function correctly, they can become a hazard to the home’s occupants. 

Additionally, if you fail to have a heating system serviced, it tends to break down at inopportune times, requiring an expensive emergency service call. Remember, if you live in an area with harsh winter conditions, the technicians might not be able to get to you right away due to weather or an influx of emergency calls from individuals in the same situation. 

Prep Your House for Winter with Homeowner Funding

There are a few key areas where you should focus your attention when making a fall maintenance checklist. Windows and doors are important areas to focus your attention on, but the chimney and heater are the most important things to address for safety. 

For large projects such as windows, insulation, and roofs, having the expert contractors at Homeowner Funding by your side makes all the difference. Apply for roof funding or other projects well in advance of the weather change to get the job done in time for fall. Take the time to knock off all the points on your list; you’ll see that your energy costs stay low, and you have a safe, comfortable home to enjoy when the temperatures drop. 

From big remodel projects to small-scale maintenance and repairs, whatever you need, Homeowner Funding can help you get the home improvements you need. Contact us today to find out how!

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