Top 3 House Siding Options

The siding of your house is one of those aspects of home improvement that is easy to ignore. Siding sits there on the house for years, not attracting much attention. However, siding is actually among the most important parts of your home safety and security. Siding exists to protect the structure itself from the harshness of the elements. Rain, wind, snow, and hail can all damage the exteriors of homes over time. The right kind of siding also protects you and your family from experiencing more of the heat or cold from outside.

You can see why it is so vital that you choose a quality siding for your home. Maybe the siding on your current home is now several decades old, and you are looking for a replacement.

At Homeowner Funding, we offer siding financing for vinyl home siding, which is one of the best choices out there for house siding. But if you want to be presented with a list of options, here are three house siding products for you to consider.

Vinyl Siding

We want to mention vinyl siding first not just because we work with it all the time, but because of its exceptional quality and value. When you have vinyl siding covering your house, you know you are getting a product that resists weather, insects, and even fading from the sun. It’s also a versatile product that you can buy in all kinds of colors and facades. Perhaps best of all, vinyl siding, once installed, doesn’t need much maintenance other than a good power wash now and again. That’s because vinyl is susceptible to collecting and showing dirt from the air. But that is truly the worst of the issues here. Get in touch with Homeowner Funding to discuss our vinyl siding financing options!

Wood Siding

Next up on our list is wood siding. This is an option you may not see on homes too often, but it offers a truly beautiful, rustic, and relaxing look when it covers an entire house. Cedar is a top-quality wood you can get for your home, but keep in mind it tends to be more expensive than other woods, such as pine. With all woods, however, you will have to perform some maintenance to keep the siding strong and healthy, since rot, fading, and splitting can set in after so many years. You will want to power wash and seal your wood siding on a schedule to make the siding last as long as possible. When all this is done correctly, wood siding will provide your home with excellent resistance from outdoor elements.

Fiber Cement Siding

The last item here is fiber cement siding, a product constructed from cement and cellulose fibers. Compositing cement and these plant fibers creates a siding that resists moisture, rot, fire, insects, and weather. Fiber cement siding is considered one of the best on the market for these reasons. You may even find that your home insurance company provides you with a discount for having it installed. DIYers, take note, however: fiber cement squares take some expertise to handle, cut, and install properly, so professionals installation is strongly recommended. In any case, all the positive qualities of fiber cement siding show that you really can’t go wrong with this particular siding option.

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We understand the right type of siding is essential for any homeowner, but we also know that not everyone can afford what they need right now. Updating your home can get expensive. To make it all a little easier for you, we offer siding funding at competitive interest rates. We install your siding, and you repay the loan later. It’s that easy. Our loans have allowed thousands of families to start remodeling the homes of their dreams. We can do the same for you.

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