8 Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill This Summer

Many people spend a good portion of the year waiting for summer to come. Being able to sit outside in the sun and enjoy the warm weather is a relaxing way to spend the day. Once this weather starts, you might feel relieved to not have to deal with the cold. However, the heat can lose its charm quickly, especially inside your house. At the end of a hot summer day, you want to feel cool and comfortable inside your house.

Blasting the AC all summer can feel great, but not once you see your electricity bill. You don’t want to deal with the cost of running your air conditioning all the time, but you have to get some relief from the heat. 

Check out these eight ways you can lower your electricity bill over the summer. 

Don’t Have the AC on All Day

This might seem obvious, but many of us are guilty of doing it. It can be easy to keep your air conditioning running all day without realizing it. You might even accidentally leave the AC on when you’re not in the house or in certain rooms. Once your house is a comfortable temperature, you can go without the AC. If it’s a slightly cooler summer day, you might not even need the air conditioning at all. 

Install a Smart Thermostat

A great way to manage your electric bill, and eventually your heat bill, is with a smart thermostat. With a smart thermostat, you won’t have to put any effort into effectively heating and cooling your home. Over time, your smart thermostat will pick up on your preferences and cool and heat your home the way you like without you having to do anything. These thermostats will know exactly when to cool your house and to what temperature, so the AC will only run when you need it. 

Get Energy-Efficient Appliances

There are ways to keep your AC on and not worry about the cost of running it. Today, there are plenty of air conditioning units on the market that are energy-efficient.  An energy-efficient air conditioning unit will be just as good at cooling your home, This way, you can turn your AC on when you need it and know you’re doing the best you can to reduce the amount of energy you use.

Clean AC Vents and Filters

When was the last time you cleaned your air conditioning unit? This is supposed to be done regularly, but many of us end up forgetting about it. It might seem like your AC is running perfectly fine, but built-up dirt can be causing it to struggle. Dirt in the vents and filters can be causing your AC to work harder and use more energy to cool your house as well as an AC that’s well maintained. Regular cleaning can ensure your air conditioning unit is as effective as it can be. 

Invest in insulation

If you’re concerned about the cost of heating and cooling your home, you might need new insulation. Without the right insulation, you could be practically throwing money away. A properly insulated house will do a better job of keeping the cool air from your AC in. Of course, getting all new insulation in your home can be a big expense, but it will be useful in every season for years. 

Get a Fan

 Using your AC less doesn’t mean you can’t use any appliances at all. Placing a fan in the right spot can also help cool air from your air conditioning unit circulate easier, which means you might not need to run it as long to cool down a room. On a day that isn’t too hot, a fan can also be used in place of your AC.

Buy New Blinds and Curtains

Letting the sunlight shine in your home can often be calming. However, this can be causing your house to heat up. If you’ve ever sat where a sunbeam is shooting, you know how warm this can get. With heavy blinds and curtains, you can block this warm light from getting in. This will also be beneficial in the winter if you have drafty windows that let in the cold.  

Open the Windows

Not every summer day is going to be scorching hot. On a breezy day when the temperature is a bit cooler, turn off your AC and open your windows. This is also true for many summer nights when the temperature can drop quickly. Keeping the windows open on a comfortable summer day isn’t just great because you’re saving energy, filling your home with fresh air is another reason to consider doing this more often.

Apply for Home Renovation Loans

Some of the changes you need to make to lower your electric bill can come at a cost. If you need new windows or insulation to keep your home comfortable, you need to figure out how you’ll afford this. Paying for this out of pocket isn’t always possible, but a home renovation loan can help.

Contact Homeowner Funding to find out how we can help you afford your next renovation project. 

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