Top 4 Ways To Pay For Your Landscaping Project

Landscaping projects are expensive. Paying for the labor of the landscape contractor and the landscaping companies they work for racks up the bill without even considering the price for materials.

At Homeowner Funding, we understand the stress of figuring out how to cover the project costs and the maintenance costs for upkeep after the project is complete. We’re here to help you discover your best payment options, including our home improvement renovation grant.

Listed below are the top four ways you can pay for your landscaping project.

1. Take Out a Personal Loan 

Personal loans may be the fastest way to secure the funds necessary for any landscaping project. This kind of credit can be secured or unsecured.

Depending on the loaner you use, you can take out a personal loan in as short as one business day, as long as you meet all the requirements.

This type of loan often doesn’t require any appraisal or lengthy paperwork process. The use of collateral in secured personal loans means you’ll need to have healthy credit and little debt. Checking your credit score is the best first step to see where you stand before applying for the loan. 

A benefit is you can check to see if you qualify for a personal loan to cover your project costs without affecting your credit score. A personal loan lets you consolidate the funds and debt into a single monthly payment that you can pay off in small increments.

2. Government Home Improvement Loans 

Private lenders are not the only option when looking to cover landscaping and maintenance costs. This loan is income-based, so it is most beneficial for anyone looking for private home loans for bad credit.There are many options available depending on your needs. 

There is not one government-funded loan. Eligibility for application is discerned by age and where you live, as well as income. Although this is one of the top options for homeowners with bad credit, others can still apply to see if they can have any portion of their project costs covered. 

These are separate from the government home improvement grants included in this list. These will need to be paid back in full with a monthly payment depending on your payment plan set up. 

Landscape contractors and landscape companies will not need to be aware of your income-based status. 

3. Home Equity Loan (HEL)

A home equity loan is a good option if you plan to finance landscaping projects with separate payment due dates or need to pay different landscape contractors. Interest rates are relatively low and offer flexibility by allowing you to withdraw funds. On the other hand, most traditional loans only payout in one lump sum.

This option may not work for new property owners. This loan requires equity, which seasoned homeowners will be able to provide. You use the equity of your property as collateral. The amount of money you can get will depend on the value of the property. 

The process of receiving a HEL can be time-consuming. You’ll need to assemble specific paperwork and have your home appraised before you know if the loan will cover the landscaping project costs. Although this may not be available to new property owners, long-time homeowners can benefit from this option. 

4. Homeowner Grant Programs 

You don’t have to pay back funds that you get from homeowner grant programs. Rather, the investor provides the money for homeowners to improve the value of their properties. These funds can cover any landscaping projects and maintenance costs, with income determining eligibility. 

Each state has different requirements. You can find websites online that may require a small fee to help you connect with a grant option that works for you. You can also find available homeowner grants approved by housing counseling agencies. 

Our home improvement renovation grant is a funding option to cover specific home improvement project costs. 

Once you have gotten the funds you have applied for approved, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local landscaping companies and landscape contractors. 

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Homeowner Funding provides the resources for you to easily find the best way for you to pay for your landscaping project. Project costs should not be impossible to pay. Applying for loans and grants, including our home improvement renovation grant, takes off the burden of doing it alone.

Homeowner Funding can help you pay for your dream landscaping project. If you have bad credit or need a grant, we can help you find a loan. Contact us to find out how.

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