When Is the Best Time of Year to Renovate?

Renovating your home can be a huge undertaking, both in terms of money spent and time consumed. However, it can also be highly rewarding. Not only can it completely transform the feel of your home, but it can also greatly increase the value of your property!

Knowing when to embark on this journey can be crucial. The optimal time for renovations can change based on which room you are trying to improve and what kind of work you want to do. Outdoor projects are better suited to warmer seasons such as early spring or summer, for instance.

In this guide, we will walk you through some of the best times to embark on renovations, no matter what room you want to make over. Let’s jump in!

The Best Time to Remodel the Kitchen

In all honesty, remodeling your kitchen is possible at any time throughout the year. The most important factor here is your personal preferences. Spring is a popular time to remodel kitchens, as it signifies a season of new beginnings. Why not apply that to your kitchen, too? The main consideration you need to make is whether your remodeling project is purely interior or not.

If you intend to expand outward, remodeling in the autumn or winter months isn’t the best idea. Inclement weather can severely hinder necessary work. In addition to that, if you have family over for the holidays, you’ll probably need your kitchen! 

Though there isn’t a wrong time to remodel your kitchen, there are some specific factors to consider before proceeding (like budgeting and keeping up with the trends). One of the most notable factors is whether you are simply remodeling the interior or expanding. If you want to include outdoor projects when you remodel your kitchen, you’ll generally require warm weather. 

The Best Time to Remodel the Bathroom

The time to remodel a bathroom can range from six weeks to six months, depending on how intensive your renovation is. That is a long period to go without your bathroom, especially if it is the only one in your home. Of course, it won’t be permanently out of action, but workers will be occupying it more often than not!

This should be your prime consideration for when to remodel. Though there isn’t any time of year that you explicitly can’t remodel your bathroom, you should plan around your family. The busy seasons where you have your in-laws staying are not the best times for remodeling work.

The busy seasons for the design industry usually occur throughout the fall because everyone is trying to have their home looking its best for the holidays. This means it could be in your best interests to go for a bathroom remodel in early spring or the winter months. Contractors will have less work available during this time and may offer better rates. If you are concerned about your budget, check out your options for bathroom remodel financing

The Best Time to Add an Extension

Extensions are almost exclusively outdoor projects. Therefore, unlike with a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you should stick to the warmer seasons for this work. The winter months are not appropriate, as snow, ice, and other harsh conditions can delay your project. This does mean you will be contacting contractors during their busy seasons, which could incur greater costs. Check out four seasons sunroom financing for more information on budgeting options. 

An extension is ordinarily a lengthy and intensive process, depending on the degree of the work. House extensions can make a significant difference to your home, whether you want to add a whole new room or simply expand on what you have. Because the work is important and detailed, it often takes time. Some projects can start in early spring and not reach completion until the late summer or beyond!

The Best Time to Remodel Your Roofing and Siding

Early spring, summer, or autumn are all perfectly viable options for roof or siding replacements. The winter months are generally a no-go unless the work is necessary for safety reasons. There are multiple house siding options available to renew the look of your home, in addition to providing some real practical benefits.

Beyond your workers’ discomfort, roof and siding renovation in the winter months can be disastrous due to the freezing temperatures. Materials for outdoor projects can’t settle properly in colder weather, meaning the project may take far longer than it needs to, and you may need to pay out for repairs sooner than expected. Generally speaking, summer is the best time to have your roof and siding replaced. 

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