5 Ways You Can Add Value to Your Home

Home improvement isn’t only relevant for when you decide to sell your home. You can, and should, try to increase the value of your home whenever you get the opportunity. How do you do that, exactly? Well, you’re in the right place to find out.

Listed below are our top five picks on how to improve the value of your home. From minor to major enhancements, we are sure to have something that inspires you. Let’s take a look!

1. Expand Your Living Space

Adding an extra square foot here and there before you sell your home is a great way to add value. The best part is that, in many cases, you can use the space you already have! You just need to think of it a little differently.

Rather than opting for an expensive extension, why not convert your garage or loft? House additions are perfect value boosters.

Expanding your space can be a great idea, even if you don’t intend to sell your home just yet. Additional square footage will increase its value, meaning you can plan for a future sale. In the meantime, you can reap all the benefits of having extra space, like storage or an extra bedroom!

2. Carry Out a Kitchen Remodel

Renovating your kitchen doesn’t have to be an enormous task. Even a minor kitchen remodel can increase your house value significantly. 

So what’s the difference between a minor kitchen remodel and a major remodel? 

Essentially, it comes down to how much you are replacing. With a minor kitchen remodel, you make the most of all the existing appliances and cabinets. All you need to do is improve on what you have. 

A minor remodel could include installing new lighting, performing maintenance upkeep, and applying a fresh coat of paint. The changes don’t have to be dramatic to make a significant impact.

3. Renew Your Siding

Siding is an oft-overlooked feature, but the right house siding options can improve the value of your home. 

Siding provides the finishing touches that make a house look picture perfect. The exterior is crucial for curb appeal, but we will get to that later.

If you opt for a new material with your siding, you can significantly change the overall aesthetic of your home. Wooden siding is perfect for a more rustic, cozy appearance, whereas aluminum achieves a more modern selling point. 

In addition to being a bit of a facelift, renewed siding is a great way to improve the structural integrity of your home. 

4. Consider Your Energy Efficiency

As we move into a greener era, demands for energy efficiency are increasing with urgency. Buyers don’t want to invest in a home that eats up energy with no discernible benefit, so you need to have the same priorities. 

Energy efficiency isn’t just good for the environment — it also increases your home asset value. Your property value will rise, and it’s a selling point that will make it easier to sell the house later down the line.

One of the most significant ways to ensure energy efficiency is to guarantee your home has proper heating and insulation. No one wants to pay out in heating bills just to lose all of that heat through drafty windows. 

Replacing your current windows with double glazing, or renewing your current double-glazed windows, is a great start. Adding insulation into your loft space is another excellent way to ensure your home retains heat.

5. Improve Your Curb Appeal

A lot of home improvement is about making a solid first impression. There are (probably) a million different ways to make a good first impression when you sell your home. To make things a little less complicated, we have listed just a few:

•             Keep your garden neat: If you have any outdoor space, make sure that it is tidy. An overgrown yard is never a good look. Weed it, trim it, and if you are feeling creative, add some color!

•             Pressure wash: If possible, use a pressure washer on your decking and other outdoor spaces. The difference it can make is astounding and could make years-old materials look brand new.

•             Add some paint: Repainting your front door or windows with a bold color can catch the eye. When we say bold, we don’t necessarily mean canary yellow (but if that’s your thing, go ahead!). All we mean is that whatever you choose, it should catch the eye.

Any of the above are solid starts for improving curb appeal and may surprise you by the difference it makes.

Don’t Wait to Improve Your Home!

Getting a head start on the work is always your best bet. Whether you intend to sell your home in the next year or the next decade, home improvement doesn’t have to wait!

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