How to Prepare for a Home Renovation

Home renovations can be stressful. From sending your house into disarray to completely compromising your daily routine, home improvements can really upheave the structure of your life. 

However, there is one way to avoid these pressures — and that’s thorough preparation. Simply sitting down and planning your home renovation can play a major role in making the whole process run as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible. Before you hastily call the contractors, plumbers, painters, and decorators, do some planning first. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to prepare, take a look at these four tips below:

1. Remove as Much as Possible

There will be a lot on your plate initially, from researching metal roof vs shingle roof cost to asking contractors for their portfolios. However, you need to look inwards as well.

Before your workers come in to start on your home, you must clear the space as much as you possibly can. Move couches, chairs, and coffee tables to a less busy side of the room. Plan to move it as your contractors need to relocate to different areas of the room.

Not only will this initiative provide a larger construction area for the workers, but it will also prevent the furniture you have from getting damaged. 

For example, with renovations such as a bathroom or kitchen remodel, chances are you’ll have old tiles being removed and new ones taking their place. This element of a kitchen or bathroom remodel will create an immense amount of dust and mess in the areas of your home. You won’t want the debris falling on your furniture and causing stains and general damage. 

2. Find a Storage Unit

For some home improvement projects, you won’t be able to keep your furniture indoors. In this instance, you’ll need to move these items into a suitable storage space for safekeeping during your remodeling project. This way, you can ensure that all of your valuable and sentimental assets are stored away safely and will be in pristine condition when you come to put them back in your newly renovated home.

When researching for secure storage units, consider these tips to ensure your belongings will remain safe:

•             Choose a local storage unit: Renting a storage unit close to your home will allow you to regularly check on your belongings. The short distance will also allow you to make multiple trips if there are other items you need to store throughout the remodeling project.

•             Check out a few facilities first: Before renting the first unit you come across, make sure you do your research, as there may be units in your area that are more affordable with bigger spaces. You should also make sure the area is respectable and has a good reputation. You can usually check reviews online to read about others’ experiences.

When adding house additions, you’ll probably have new furniture ready and waiting, too. Keeping it in storage will prevent it from getting damaged throughout the home improvement process.

3. Cover Leftover Items

For those furniture pieces or other household items that simply can’t be removed during the home improvement process, we advise you to cover them. For example, you should cover floating shelves or light fixtures that are staying behind with suitable sheets. Whether you use fabric sheets or plastic sheets, just ensure that the whole area is covered. You’ll even want to cover carpets and wooden floors outside of the construction area, as you’d be surprised at how far dust can travel throughout the areas of your home.

4. Keep Everything Organized

When it comes to organization, it doesn’t just mean looking after your belongings and keeping them safe. You should also stay organized with the finer details of the remodeling project. For example, you should keep hard copies of all your receipts and contracts. It’s also a good idea to keep an ideas board that specifically depicts your home improvement plan. Whether your construction workers dismissed the house siding options you provided for them or painted your walls the wrong shade, it’s good to have physical evidence on hand. Make sure you have all of these items digitized, too, so you can bring them up for a quick reference. 

Start Preparing Today

When you feel prepared, call Homeowner Funding to learn which financing options are available to you! We have an abundance of home improvement services available that will cater to all budgets. Whatever the remodeling project may be, we will be there to help all the way.

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